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4 ways to use our rhinestone mesh rolls!

diy mesh roll rhinestone

Rhinestone mesh rolls are great for accenting your decor. Below are just 4 ways to use them. 

First up we wrapped our rhinestone rolls around a small vase. Simply line the vase with the roll to see how much you need then it's just a matter of cutting and hot gluing the edges. This takes an ordinary vase and turns it into more eye catching. 

This one you've most likely seen it's a simple rhinestone napkin holder. These accent your napkins and improve the overall appearance of your table setup.


Here we've lined a rectangular table with a layer of the rhinestone mesh roll to accent the top edges of the table. This adds depth and makes your table standout more. 

This final example is one of our cake stands with a dummy cake lined with our rhinestone mesh roll. The mesh roll blings out the cake and makes for a more impressive presentation. 

These are just a few things that can be done with our rhinestone mesh rolls get yours here and get creating!

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