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5 Things No One Tells You About Wedding Planning

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  1. Planning a casual wedding is just as much work as throwing a formal one. You still have to pick out the food, napkins, decorations, wedding dress and everything else. Whether you spend a lot or a little, you still have the same list to cover.
  2. Words like classic and formal are highly subjective. To you a classic wedding could mean tuxes and cloth napkins, to your wedding planner it could mean vintage or antique. Use Pinterest to collect photos and show them to your wedding planner and vendors, so everyone is on the same page.
  3. Plan for the unexpected. Whatever size of a wedding budget you have, save 5% for unexpected expenses. Your wedding dress may rip, you may lose your wedding jewelry, you might need a tent because it is raining, you will have last minute RSVPs, something that was not in your budget will materialize.
  4. Men don’t and never will understand wedding chair covers. When he sees that there is $200 dedicated to chair covers, you will argue all night. Expect him to care about some things, and not about others. Plan regular date nights that are not centered around wedding planning, and this too shall pass.
  5. You will be conned into extras at a wedding expo. You originally did not plan on a photo booth, band and DJ, chocolate fountain and swans? Well now you did. Bring your wedding planner or fiancé to keep you in check, because you will get excited.

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