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5 Ways to Keep Your Quinceanera Court Happy

When planning your quinceanera, you will want to plan a quince court, too. It is important to choose your quince court members carefully. Quince court members should attend dance rehearsal, assist in the dress and quinceanera decor selection, and help you with any quince DIY projects – so they have an important role to commit to.

In return for their help and support, it is important to keep your quince court happy so the your quinceanera planning and party goes as smoothly as possible.

Here are 5 things you must do if you want a happy, helpful, good looking & confident court!

  1. Serve food at dance rehearsal. You can get simple fast food take out, but show your appreciation and keep the quince court fed and happy. 
  2. Get everyone together. You may have family and friends that do not know each other. Plan a get together shortly after you ask them to join your quince court. Everyone could go bowling, to the beach or come over to your house. But get them together so they get to know each other, and again show your appreciation. Make sure you compliment everyone and include them all so they feel happy and welcome. This will bring everyone closer together and relieve the stress of planning.
  3. Give everyone on your court a sentimental gift or party favor. Matching jewelry, t-shirts or something to decorate their bedroom are all great gifts.
  4. Let them give input on their dresses. Schedule an appointment at your Quinceanera dress shop and bring your court. Take into consideration different body types and budgets. Ask your quince court for their opinion before making the final decision.
  5. Plan ahead. Set a schedule of when you will be choosing your dresses, having dance rehearsal, choosing quinceanera decor and everything else. Give your quince court this schedule ahead of time so they can plan around their lives. 

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