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Planning Your Wedding Reception Decor

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A wedding banquet room is typically set up to include tables and chairs, although you may want to dress it up by switching out banquet chairs and renting chiavari chairs. Dress up the guest tables and chairs with tablecloths and chair covers, then focus on making the head and cake table area the center of attention. These areas are the focal points of the room for a wedding, and where the the bride and groom are seated for viewing.

There are a few important design techniques to dress up the head and cake table. First, the placement of the head table within the room is very important. Head tables should be placed near the center of the room or near the dance floor, and if possible, elevating the head table with a podium or lifter, so all of your wedding guests will be able to see the bride and groom. Next, you can dress the head table using accent colors, which should be the wedding’s theme colors. Crystals, lights, candles, or flowers can be added to create a beautiful effect. You want to ask yourself: what can I add to create the best table in the room? Almost anything you can imagine can be used to create a beautiful and unique centerpiece for the room. You may want to decorate the cake table similarly to the head table in order to create harmony and consistency, which will draw guests’ attention to both tables.


Finally, to give the room a more dramatic effect, you can hang draping from the ceiling. Orienting the draping to point towards the head table will draw more attention to the bridal party. The longer the length of draping, the more it will give a heightened appeal and visualization. It will enhance the ambiance of the room depending on the colors of the draped fabric.

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