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Top trending wedding decor 2016


               Here at we have the pleasure of working with tons of diy couples as well as industry professionals. Throughout the year we get to see styles and trends come and go and each year is different.We decided to compile a list of the must have wedding decor. This list is based on sales, customer requests, as well as staff picks so the info is pulled from several different sources to create the best list possible. 


1. Spandex chair covers 

          Our spandex chair covers have always been a popular item however recently they've become extremely in demand. Venues tend to offer planners less and less time to set up their decor and spandex products help alleviate that because there is no ironing required. You simply slip these covers on and your chair is set. Add a sash or chair cap to accent it and your good to go. 


2. Chiffon Fabric

            Chiffon fabric has become almost a staple of wedding decor.. It offers you an elegant way to drape ceilings and walls. Chiffon also makes for great backdrops for photos or behind the head table. First impressions are everything and you want that wow factor draping your venue with chiffon fabric will accomplish that.

3. Polyester napkins

           Polyester napkins are classic and offer a light yet durable fabric. They look good and are practical as well. The poly material allows you to get fancy when it comes to napkin folds as they hold their shape better than most others.


4. Napkin rings 

           Napkin rings fall into the same space as the spandex chair covers. When your pressed for time you simply slide your napkins through and your table setting is complete. Napkin rings come in different styles shapes and colors and there's a perfect ring for any occasion. 


5. Table skirting

           Table skirts are great for there versatility. They fit both round and rectangular tables and transform an ordinary table into an extraordinary one. Our Tutu tableskirt in particular has been insanely popular since it's recent release. 


            And there you have our top 5 most trending wedding decorations of the year! We can't wait to see what next year brings. In the meantime feel free to shop our entire wedding decor collection at 

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