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Wedding Cell Phones, A Distraction Or A Blessing?

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Do you want a wedding with no cell phones? Maybe not, but it is ok to ask your guests not to take flash photography during your wedding ceremony. 

You planned for what seems like an entire year, you shelled out tons of money for your venue, wedding dress, and the finest photographer in town. Your wedding goes perfectly smooth and you wait patiently for your photographer to bring you the prints you ordered. Upon inspection of the professional wedding photographs it's clear something went wrong. Tons of the photos are way overexposed and you ask yourself what happened?

It is hard for guests to resist the urge to become amateur photographers during a wedding. They pull out their phones and snap photos during your wedding making sure not to miss a single moment. What they do not know is how it can effect the photos and videos as it makes a photographers job even harder.

Most venues have less than ideal lighting which makes using a flash necessary but when you have tons of guests snapping photos at the same time you can get shots like the ones below.

Besides the overexposed images cell phones can become a distraction as they vibrate or your ringtone goes off. Just imagine you saying your vows only to have a guests phone ring with an ESPN notification and totally take everyone out of the moment. Maybe suggest to your guests to hold off on taking photos with their cameras because you took the time and spent the money to hire a professional and you want the best results possible. A suggestion from your friends at Wholesale Wedding Chair Covers.

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