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Wedding Rehearsal Decorations

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wedding rehearsal decorations

Wedding rehearsal decorations help to set the mood for the upcoming event. Guests will immediately understand the intended mood and theme of the wedding after viewing the centerpieces, table décor and table settings. You can also use decorations to convey the level of elegance or sophistication you are going for. 

Wedding rehearsal decorating ideas include:


Select wedding rehearsal centerpieces based on the location and theme of the party. Colorful flowers in a vase are appropriate for a formal setting. Place colored LED lights in the vases to bring nighttime affairs to life. Another idea is to spray paint decorative branches silver, string sparkly gems on clear fish wire, and hang the gems on the branches. Arrange the branches in a tall vase, and fill the vase with ornate rocks, to add some spice to a modern party.

Table Decorations

Choose a favorite lyric from a meaningful song or a quotation from a special greeting card or famous individual. Print the text, along with a table number on colorful or patterned paper. Cut the paper to the size of a small frame (4 x 6 is appropriate). Frame the piece of paper, and place it on the table as a decoration. Scatter sparkly gems around the centerpieces, light votive candles and sprinkle rose petals or confetti for additional wedding rehearsal dinner table decorations.


Framed pictures of the couple make spectacular wedding rehearsal decorations. Choose an assortment of pictures, such as the couple on vacation, getting engaged, with silly filters, a picture from early on in the relationship and a picture of them in present day. Place small cards next to the pictures to describe the event. Position the pictures near the guest seating cards.

Table Settings

Make personalized wedding rehearsal dinner menus, and place them at each table setting. Be sure to include the names of the future bride and groom, along with their wedding date, at the top of the menu for keepsake reasons. Include favors, such as a heart shaped carriage or a wire box to hold colorful candies. Print small tags that say, Thank you for being our guest or the bride and groom's name and wedding date. Punch a hole through the corner of the tag. Tie a satin ribbon (with the tag on it) around the favor box. Set a single flower that ties in with your wedding theme at each table setting. 

Your wedding rehearsal decorations will become one of the ways those closest to you remember how special your wedding was. 

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