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3 reasons spandex chair covers rock!


1. There a time saver! Whether your an event planner or a do it yourselfer time management is extremely important! You don't want to run out of time during setup. Traditional chair covers can be quite time consuming even for a professional. That's where spandex chair covers come in. They require no ironing and there so easy to slip on anyone can help in the process. Using spandex covers will definitely free up a ton of time that can be devoted to something else.

2. Our spandex stretch chair covers offer a sleek modern look that plays well with most other styles so options for style combinations are plentiful.

3. Spandex covers are an investment for event planners as they are able to be used time and time again due to the durable stretch material. This means they can easily pay for themselves over time. As a diy-er having your event decor in good condition means you can easily pass it on to someone else or even resell on places like craiglist, ebay, amazon, etc. 


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