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3 Ways To Create A Vintage Glam Wedding

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A vintage glam black and gold wedding is classic, glamorous and unforgettable. Vintage glam weddings have become increasingly popular, as many of todays brides want to relive the glamorous eras of old Hollywood and The Great Gatsby. While vintage glam wedding decor may seem difficult or expensive, here are three simple concepts you can recreate to deliver this highly-coveted vintage glam style.

1. It's all about the details

Vintage glam can be recreated on a budget by simply including great details. While some details may seem small and easy to overlook, it is important not to skimp on them. Small touches add up and can make or break a themed wedding. Above you will see a black round table cloth topped with a gold chemical lace overlay.  Gold antique charger plates and gold rhinestone napkin rings add a vintage glam feel to the table. Small glamorous touches make guests feel as if they have stepped back into Hollywood’s Golden Age. Charger plates beneath dinner plates elevate the elegance of a table in a way that few accessories can, with the added bonus of protecting the tablecloth from stains and spills as well

2. Texture adds variety and depth

When choosing the linens for your tables it is recommended that you limit the palette to only three colors. For vintage glam, we use black, white, and gold. Adding rich textured linens in your chosen colors will bring variety and depth to the table so it does not appear flat.

For our vintage glam, begin with a simple foundation: a black tablecloth and black sequins chair covers. Glitzy sequin fabric is a must! A gold organza sash over your chair cover adds a nice finishing touch. Black satin napkins secured by the gold rhinestone napkin rings are set on top of the dishware. The gold overlay ties the look together.

No matter what your wedding theme, you can make this principle work for you. Some other textured linens to consider are ribbon rose fabric or pintuck linens.

3. Add pattern for a pop

Incorporate a coordinating pattern within the table linens to draw the eye and add contrast, making the table more visually interesting. Try a bold black and white striped satin table runner to break up the black tablecloth. Other places where patterns can be added are napkins, favors, or chair sashes.

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