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5 Reasons To Choose Polyester Napkins

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When looking at folding napkins for your wedding, you may be torn as to which cloth napkins to choose. There are linen napkins, taffeta napkins, satin napkins and of course polyester napkins. Today we will discuss our top 5 reasons to choose polyester napkins.

  1. Absorbency

Polyester napkins are far more absorbent than most cloth napkins and can hold up to spills, making them great for actual use, whereas other cloth napkins are solely for presentation purposes at a wedding. 

  1. Durability

Have you ever tried reusing paper napkins? Paper napkins simply do not last. Polyester napkins can be reused from your wedding to the next dinner party and still give you great results.

  1. Manageable

When using polyester napkins for sculptured displays on your wedding table, polyester napkins hold shapes better than satin or paper napkins, making them ideal for those who like to get creative with their wedding table set ups.

  1. Cost effective

As mentioned above, polyester napkins can be reused so you will likely get several events out of them. Higher priced cloth napkins tend to be more just for presentation, in the event of a spill they could be ruined. Polyester napkins are also priced cheaper than other types of cloth napkins.

  1. Eco-friendly

Studies show 42% of all global wood harvested is destined to become paper. You do not have to be an environmentalist to see the burden paper napkins put on our forests.

We hope this helps with choosing your cloth napkins, if you need additional assistance, call

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