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5 Reasons To Use Chargers

What are chargers and why do people use them? Are they just for decoration?

  1. Chargers enhance table decor. Chargers come in many shapes, colors and materials, making them easy to match with your wedding decor. Chargers are aesthetically pleasing and instantly turn an average looking table into an elegant one.

Wedding charger

  1. Chargers do more than just make a wedding reception look good, they actually offer your table or table linens protection. Chargers are larger than the plate it holds in order to offer an extra layer of protection when it comes to spills and food falling.
  2. A lesser known feature of chargers are their ability to retain heat. Being placed directly under a warm plate of food the chargers pick up that heat and can actually help your food stay warmer longer, so your guests can talk and enjoy your wedding reception without rushing through a meal.

wedding charger centerpiece

    1. Versatility is something you may not think of when it comes to the use of chargers. Just getting a little creative can help you get more use out of them. An example would be using them to hold wedding table centerpieces or candles on your table. Additionally they can be used as serving trays. Their large size makes them perfect for holding hors d'oeuvres, nuts, and candy.
    2. Once upon a time chargers were for the elite and were insanely expensive. They were suited only for formal occasions like weddings, but these days that's no longer the norm. Chargers have become quite affordable and with them being so versatile you are not limited to just formal use, that means you get more use out of them. has chargers in many styles and colors at affordable prices. Follow the link to shop our chargers section now.

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