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How to Clean Spandex Chair Covers

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Spandex chair covers are very popular, they provide a nice look for an upscale event, and are available for both folding chairs and banquet chairs. After using chair covers at an event, there is a good chance they will have spills or stains on them.

Do not dry clean spandex chair covers unless the label instructs you to. Dry cleaning can temporarily swell the fibers, misshaping the garment. Plus, the fibers tend to hold the odor of dry cleaning solutions.

Never use bleach on Spandex chair covers. Color safe bleach is okay, as long as the care instructions on your garment do not indicate otherwise.

To retain maximum shape and flexibility, spandex chair covers should only be hand washed with lukewarm water and mild detergent

Never twist or wring spandex chair covers when washing them, you should gently knead the garment and rinse thoroughly with cool, clear water.

Spandex chair covers should not be placed in the dryer. Air dry by either hanging to dry or placing them on a flat surface, to retain flexibility.

Avoid ironing spandex chair covers. If you absolutely must iron your chair covers, use the lowest temperature setting and place a towel or cloth between the chair cover and the iron, making sure to iron very quickly. Leaving the iron too long in one position, or allowing it to rest directly on the fabric can seriously damage the fabric.

These steps will assure that your spandex chair covers will last through all of your event planning needs.

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