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Top 6 DIY Wedding Planning Mistakes

diy dream wedding wedding diy wedding planning

Top 6 DIY Wedding Planning Mistakes

Before the wedding proposal, before you are a bride to be, even before wedding planning, you often will have an idea of your dream wedding you will plan one day. As young girls we see celebrity weddings, then attend weddings of family and friends, and get a better idea of your dream wedding. This experience is what forms the ideas and vision for your wedding. Not only does the bride to be have a pre-conceived idea of what kind of wedding she wants, but also what style her dress will be, where her wedding will be held, and the colors for her wedding.

Pinterest has allowed you to visualize every aspect of your wedding and save inspiration for a dream wedding. The ability to see so many ideas and pin inspiration for your wedding using Pinterest can be great, but trying to live up to your Pinterest board can be overwhelming. Most brides to be do not realize how expensive some Pinterest inspired dream weddings can actually be. Before you begin your wedding planning, start putting down any deposits, or purchasing items, take a look at these six DIY wedding planning mistakes. This way you know what to look out for and spend your wedding budget appropriately. 

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1. Do not have a budget

The most important part of wedding planning is creating, and sticking to, a budget. If you begin planning a dream wedding without a budget you will run out of money quickly. You need to plan exactly what you can spend on each part of your wedding. If you neglect to set a specific budget for each part of your wedding, you could spend too much in one area and have to skimp in areas you do not want to since you still have to spend so much on other aspects of your wedding. Falling into debt, or not being able to pay bills after the weddings can start your marriage off with unnecessary stress.

2. Spend your budget all on a dress

Every bride deserves to look and feel great on her wedding day, but being realistic when it comes to finding the perfect wedding gown is important as well. Plan ahead on paper how much of your wedding planning budget can go toward a dress. Also keep in mind the additional bridal expenses like shoes, veil, accessories, undergarments, etc. If you are not a celebrity, you may not have the ability or need to look at expensive designers. You can often find designer dresses at discount off the rack prices from places like Orlando Bridal Warehouse. Overall, it's important to have self control even when shopping for your dream wedding dress. 

3. Spend the majority of your budget on fresh flowers

Again thanks to Pinterest, when wedding planning you might get your heart set on one a particular fresh flower. However when you find out that your dream wedding flower is not in season at the time of your wedding, you may want to find another flower or choose artificial flowers.

4. Think you will save by having your wedding outside

The idea of having an outdoor wedding sounds simple and free. Indoor wedding venues are way more expensive, right? Wrong! While you might think hosting your dream wedding outdoors would save money, you will be surprised how it might cost just as much if not more than a church or indoor venue. Unless you host the wedding in your backyard, you still have to pay to use the property. Plus, you will have to cover the wedding planning costs that come with an outdoor wedding like tables, chairs, tents, portopottys, heaters or fans, carpets, lights and more. Many of these items are included with an indoor venue. Either consider any additional items or services you will need to rent or purchase. 

5. You do not need specifics on paper

The most expensive mistakes you make when wedding planning can happen when hiring a vendor. Make sure every contract you sign is read and encompasses everything you agreed upon. Every detail should be written in your contract. If you fail to have every detail written down, do not understand the contract or just have a verbal contract, you could get hit with added charges, lack of services or get ripped off. Make sure you clearly understand exactly what you are getting for your money. Also know what would incur an additional charge so your dream wedding does not turn into a financial disaster. 


6. No priorities

It is really easy to get caught up in the chaos of wedding planning. At some point every aspect of your dream wedding will seem like the most important thing in the world. Your wedding day may very well be the most important celebration in your life, but it is not worth going way over your budget and falling into debt. This is why it is so important to have a realistic budget and set priorities. If food is the priority to you and your fiancé, then spend more on the caterer. If flowers or the venue is your priority, then maybe have light appetizers instead. Whatever is most important to you, decide what it is when planning your budget.

Even a dream wedding does not have to cost tens of thousands of dollars. With a few smart moves while wedding planning you can avoid digging a financial hole at the start of your marriage. 

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